FiveM ESX Phone (d-phone)
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FiveM ESX Phone (d-phone)



Best fivem phone script. Include Contacts Messages, Phone app, Radio, Twitter, Business Advertisement, Calculator apps! Works with all Voice Chats (MumbleVoip, SaltyChat and TokoVoip)

Script Features

  • Money back guarantee!
  • Instant delivery!
  • Low MS script!
  • Premium support!
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Best fivem phone script for your fivem server!


  • Clean design
  • Own Notificaion ( Also the option to use your own notification )
  • Easy configuration ( Nearly everything is easily customizable in the Config )
  • Locales
  • Works with all Voice Chats ( MumbleVoip, SaltyChat and TokoVoip, PRAVoice )
  • You’ll get always the future updates on my discord, because there will come a lot more

All Apps:

  • Contacts
  • Messages
  • Phone app
  • Radio
  • Twitter
  • Business
  • Advertisement
  • Calculator


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